What will your story be?

Your trip of a lifetime planned for you.
Down to the tiniest unforgettable detail.

Ready for

Good. For the Story Vacations allows you to see the places you’ve always wanted to but never quite got around to.

What does your dream story look like? A castle banquet in Ireland? A morning baguette in Paris? A cycle through Rome’s ancient cobblestone streets? Maybe all three, Europe is small!

Whatever it is, For the Story Vacations allows you to experience it all just as you wrote it in your imagination.

"I’ve actually always wanted to go there"

After hearing this sentence one too many times, I founded For The Story Vacations.

We all get caught up doing mundane things, but it’s our journeys and adventures that form the stories we will look back on in one, five, or twenty years time.

That’s where I come in. I use my years of experience, passion for travel, and attention to detail to create a one-of-a-kind vacation just for you. Ready to add an unforgettable chapter to your story?

You may not know where to start, but I do.

“Rachael opened our eyes to experiences we wouldn't have found on our own, got us the best deals, and organized our trip in the most efficient, doable, and exciting way”

Turn your daydreams
into dream days

For the Story Vacations is your personal vacation planner. Here’s the process:

  1. You complete the form with the basics

  2. I’ll reply within 24 hours,
    to arrange a chat.

  3. Put your feet up!
    Your trip of a lifetime is underway.


  1. The Minimalist


  2. The Bucket Lister

    Every single detail of your trip will be researched and taken care of for you.

    Enjoy your perfect day, every day of your trip, and have it all planned out for you in meticulous detail…

    All that’s left for you to do is take in your trip of a lifetime.

  3. The Adventurer

    Car Pickup,
    Restaurant Reservations…