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Caitlin, Jessica,
& Sarah

Bottom Line: If you're looking for the adventure of a lifetime, you must have Rachael Rogers plan your vacation! But if one sentence from a stranger doesn't convince you, then keep reading.

The three of us are experienced travelers, and firmly believe in the growth and aliveness that happens when you take the time to explore new places. That being said, our trip to France and Ireland wouldn't have been nearly as magical if we hadn't asked Rachael to help us! She opened our eyes to experiences we wouldn't have found on our own, got us the best deals, and organized our trip into the most efficient, doable, and exciting itinerary.

Rachael thinks of everything! There is no detail too small or large that she isn't willing to help you with! From directions/transportation to shortcuts for museum lines to her recommendations of places to eat and shop, she is your guide! She is a plethora of knowledge, and shares tips and facts that give you an understanding of the history and culture of the place you are traveling to. This attention to detail eased any anxiety we were feeling, and helped us adequately prepare.

Not only will the trip you go on be amazing, but the experience of planning it with her is an absolute blast! Rachael's genuine and passionate heart makes you feel like you have a new best friend, and it's easy to see she's completely invested in you having the trip you've always dreamed of!

We couldn't recommend her enough! Do yourself a favor, contact Rachael, and have the time of your life!

Happy travels!

Amanda & Chad

Whether it is a weekend getaway or the trip across the ocean, we have trusted our travel to Rachael’s expertise.

Most recently, we asked her to help us plan our European Honeymoon. Rachael guided us effortlessly and efficiently through the entire process: from our first meeting, when she asked us to fill out a detailed questionnaire, to the periodic check-ins during the trip to make sure everything was going smoothly.

My wife, Amanda, is spontaneous and doesn't like to have a lot of activities planned while she is traveling. I like to account for every minute, making sure that no time is wasted. We both dislike experiencing new places as a tourist, preferring to hit the local spots. It is difficult to cultivate an experience that is fulfilling for both of us. But Rachael hit it out of the park.

She created an itinerary that met both of our needs and catered to the experiences and activities we both enjoy. She was even able to set a pace that made us both happy; allowing for Amanda’s need for spontaneity and my need for structure and planning.

There were even activities that she suggested, like a bike tour of Paris, that we were apprehensive about. However, that became one of our most favorite experiences on the trip. She arranged a cooking class for us that started in a local fresh market and ended at the home of a top chef, making beautiful food and sharing stories of family and culture.

This was not a 'tourist experience’. For my wife and I it was a series of meaningful and exciting real life moments that we will forever cherish. And it was made possible by Rachael's hard work and adeptness at translating our personalities and the conversations we had.

She thought of everything, from the pre-trip packing list to precise directions for buying a metro ticket at the Montmartre metro station kiosk. Our biggest worry was deciding which of the wonderful dinner recommendations we should check out on a given day. We could not have had a better experience. Ireland to Scotland to France, Rachael crafted our trip of a lifetime.

I cannot overstate how important her guidance and thoughtfulness was in making our honeymoon an incredible adventure. We would absolutely recommend her services to anyone…She is the very best!

Allen & Leslie

We emailed Rachael with no idea of the incredible experiences that were in store. Rachael got right back in touch, and then we had a fun chat over Skype about the things we love to do, and things we don’t. She told us she would take care of the whole thing. Was she ever right.

We visited Paris and Normandy in France, before going to Ireland and on to Scotland, and Rachael planned it out from beginning to end. Flights are so short and reasonable over there! My wife and I like different stuff, yet Rachael created a trip we BOTH loved. She made every single reservation for us. We almost felt sorry for the hundreds of people standing in line at the Eiffel Tower as we went straight to the front. Almost.

There are things you think you will never do, like walking the beaches in Normandy at low tide, or visiting a place like Loch Ness that you’ve read about your whole life. Rachael made it all possible without us needing to plan anything or break the bank. Her attention to detail is what stood out most to Leslie and I. For example we said we wanted a historical trip, with beautiful views, but we also needed certain amenities like a washer & dryer and access to grocery stores. Kind of tough to combine right? Not for Rachael!

We will never forget our adventure or the amazing people we met along the way. I recommend anyone reading this to send that first email. We can’t thank you enough for all our hard work Rachael!

Wayne & Sophie

"Peace of mind" would be the perfect phrase to describe our last trip to Europe! Rachael planned and anticipated our every need and concern. We were greeted at our Paris apartment by a French speaking transplant who was able to answer any questions we might have. Our Paris apartment was magnificent, located in a beautiful neighborhood with tree lined streets and beautiful buildings, just minutes from the Eiffel Tower. Later we were indulged with a visit to a local market and French cooking class.... Right in our apartment! Rachael made all the arrangements, and everything fell into place.

Our stay at Mont Saint Michelle was magical. As we approached the medieval walled city, the feeling of being transported back in time enveloped us, and we knew we were in for a treat! Our visit to Scotland and Ireland were just as incredible! For the Story Vacations will give you that "peace of mind" as well as create memories to last a lifetime!